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Labor: Funding Targeted Teaching For Better Schools

"You can’t have a plan for economic growth if you don’t have a plan to invest in education."

Day three of the election campaign and education has been the major issue for the Labor party. The Labor party has announced another policy regarding education. Labor has said that under a Shorten Labor Government funding will be conditional on evidence-based learning programs which are proven to increase student results.

Labor stated it will also provide $4.6 million to expand the use of Targeted Teaching – using accurate information about what students actually understand, and what they are ready to learn next.

Australian trials show targeted teaching has the potential to improve the proportion of students meeting early primary learning benchmarks in disadvantaged schools by up to 20 per cent.

Speaking in North Queensland, Bill Shorten said “I will make sure that a Labor Government I lead will give our kids, wherever they live, in the regions and in the cities, a great opportunity for a quality education. ”

“The real issue is drawing attention to education. The real issue here is making sure that parents understand there is a clear choice at the next election.”

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