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Election 2016: More Than 50 Days To Go Turnbull Off To A Shaky Start

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 2.50.26 PMWith more than 50 days to go until the election on July 2, The Prime Minister is off to a shaky start already. The latest NewsPoll shows theAustralian Labor Party ahead of the Coalition with 51% to 49% in the two-party preferred vote. In contrast to the Fairfax Ipsos Poll which has the coalition on 51% and the Labor Party on 49%.

With such tight margins already, it is already very hard to call who will be the winner. If the polls were to continue for like this over the eight-week campaign Australia could very well and up with a hung Parliament or a Labor win with just a few extra seats.

Both leaders have little room for error in this election with a long campaign ahead of them. The Prime Minister has made a very risky move by having a long campaign. It would appear that Bill Shorten and the Labor Party have an advantage when it comes to the length of the campaign because it gives them more time to develop their economic policies and strategy while the Coalition’s policy and strategy have been locked in since budget tonight.

53% of people in a recent poll said they expect the Turnbull Government to still retain power.

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