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Turnbull’s Plan Is To Claim Abbott’s Plan As His Own

Australians have noticed Malcolm Turnbull is nothing but a polished version of Tony Abbott with no agenda for a better Australia. With the election just called Turnbull mentioned the word “plan” 12 times.

The problem for the Coalition and the Prime Minister is that they have no real policy or agenda that will make Australia a better place.

Australia was promised a new government, a good government when Turnbull become Prime Minister, instead Australia has ended up with Tony Abbott 2.0 aka, Malcolm Turnbull. As the days go by it is becoming clear that Turnbull has no agenda for a better Australia.

The agenda that he does have is to destroy Medicare; he wants Medicare to be available to those who have a large wallet. He has an agenda to destroy Unions so that those who need protection in the workplace are easy prey to his friends in big business so as to strip of their rights and protections.

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