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Shorten: This Election Will Be About Building A Fair Australia

Mr. Shorten has said that Australia has had to put up with 3 years of dithering and now the election is on what sort of Australia do we want our children to grow up in. Mr. Shorten said Labor will fight this election on schools, education, hospitals, medicare climate change while growing jobs for all and to make Australia a fairer place.

This election is about what sort of Australia do we want our children to grow up in. Is the fair go for everyone or the fortunate few. This election will be based on who you can trust to protect Australia’s civil society.

He also highlighted that this week’s​ budget rewarded millionaires with tax cuts and is a risk to Australians living standards. He said if elected Labor will put people first. He also said that Labor will do budget repair that is fair. The Opposition Leader and possible Prime Minister said that Labor supports tax cuts for genuine small businesses.

Mr Shorten said he is happy to have a debate with the Prime Minister, even if the PM doesn’t turn up. He also said that Australians can trust Labor to stand up for workers rights, education and to protect Medicare.

“Many hoped he [Turnbull] could change the Liberal party but the Liberal Party has changed him” Mr. Shorten.

“Mr. Turnbull can’t be true to himself because he can’t control his own party”

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