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Shorten: Turnbull’s Budget Is Built On Fraud & Punishes Australians

Bill Shorten has said in his budget reply, which was more like a campaign launch, that Labor offers a bolder, better, more balanced approach to growing the economy & making the Budget stronger in the interest of all Australians. The Turnbull Government’s budget punishes those who can’t afford it. He also promised a Labor government will always put Australians first.

Shorten has said that Labor will never apologize for supporting Australians who work hard. He has accused the PM of starting a class war by ripping funding from education and giving tax cuts to big business.

He said now is not the time to give tax cuts to the top 3% in Australia. Mr. Shorten said a small business is a business that earns less than $2 million dollars.

A cut in the corporate tax rate is not a win for Mums and Dads across Australia. He said the Turnbull budget is built on a fraud. He said the ALP will not support the ten-year tax cut for business.

He also said that never has there been an opposition that has had so many of it policies adopted by a government with so few of its own.

He also said that it is wrong that we live in a country that send indigenous men to jail rather than help complete year 12.

“A Labor Government will make sure there are more women around the table & in our Parliament.” Said Mr. Shorten.

When speaking about renewable energy the Liberal Government is running in the wrong direction and “Taking real action on climate will create new jobs” stated Mr Shorten.

When it came to education Mr. Shorten said “Labor will deliver on the Gonski promise to ensure every child, in every school, gets every opportunity for a great education.” Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition have ripped more than $30 billion from our schools

He asked why does the Turnbull Government look at education as a cost but not an investment. He has also targeted private RTO’s that have cheated the system with Vet-Fee help. He said the ALP will cap  Vet-Fee help to $8,000 per student per year.

Mr. Shorten also warned the PM that July 2nd will be referendum on Medicare. He also promised that Labor will legislate to protect Medicare within our first 100 days of government.

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