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Indigenous Australians And Climate Change Missing From Budget 2016/17

Indigenous Australians and climate change are missing from Budget 2016/17 despite the fact we are living in a climate emergency and gaps growing between indigenous Australians and non-indigenous Australians.

Budget 2016 has shown that there is no new funding to implement the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan. Greens’ Leader Senator Di Natalie has said that this is disappointing for efforts to closing the gap.

Senator Di Natalie has also stated “This government doesn’t see the jobs of the 21st century in clean energy & public transport, they see them in building military hardware”

The Senator also pointed out that Scott Morrison didn’t mention global warming or clean energy once in his speech.

Senator Milne mentioned “We are living in a climate emergency, have signed to pursue 1.5 Paris Agreement but not one mention of climate in Budget 2016.”

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