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Turnbull Needs To Address Corruption In The Liberal Party But He Refuses To

As the Liberal Party Corruption scandal continues, Turnbull becomes even more politically weak. Shadow employment and workplace relations minister, Brendan O’Connor has said the corruption in the Liberal Party is a serious issue.

Mr O’Connor stated recently “Malcolm Turnbull is one to giving lectures about corruption and illegality; he wants to run an election on illegality and corruption, and yet at the heart of his own division in the Liberal Party, the NSW division, there are questions left unanswered,..And yet, Malcolm Turnbull refuses to (1) stand aside his ministers if they don’t provide answers or demand that they give these answers, and (2) refuse to compel the NSW division of Liberal Party to cooperate fully and give the information sought by the commission.”

The Labor Party has been calling on the Prime Minister to stand down Arthur Sinodinos over his role in the FEF scandal. “Arthur Sinodinos should not take his place in Mr Turnbull’s ‘inner circle’ or Cabinet until this occurs, Mr Sinodinos was finance director of the NSW Liberals when the Free Enterprise Foundation was in full flight.”

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has gone as far as saying the Free Enterprise Foundation (FEF)is an illegal money laundering agent established by the Liberal Party.

Mr Bowen said: “This is NSW — the biggest branch of the Liberal Party — engaging in this money laundering operation,…This goes to the heart of Malcolm Turnbull’s judgement, and the heart of the integrity of the Turnbull government. What we have is a situation where this is not an allegation, this is a series of very serious set of established circumstances and we’ve got two quite senior figures in the Turnbull government involved,”

Mr Bowen also highlighted that if this had been a trade union, Malcolm Turnbull would have “reached full lather by now, called for resignations and said it’s about Bill Shorten’s judgment.”

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