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Turnbull Blames States For Revenue Problem

malcolm_turnbull_2014Speaking on the ABC radio this morning Turnbull said people are sick and tired of the states not spending state money appropriately.He said that it is far too easy for the states to go to the “federal government ATM” and there needs to be more accountability of the states and their spending.

The Prime Minister said that states have been asking the federal government to raise taxes so that they can have more money. He said the fundamental problem is the states do not raise enough of their own money.

He said there is no clear line on where the money is spent. He said most politicians don’t understand where the money is spent or how much is spent on services like education.

On education funding, He has argued that states having a share of the income tax would allow states to fully fund schools.Turnbull’s plans would create a system where there are extreme funding differences which could lead to a system with disadvantages for those living in poorer states. He also stated that more funding for education does not lead to better results.

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