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Double Delusional Turnbull – Double Taxes, Double Dangerous

Prime Minister Turnbull has officially lost it. The Turnbull Government has no economic agenda, no economic values, and no plan to help Australians but the double delusional Turnbull Government has a delusional plan to double taxes.

The thought bubble the Prime Minister and his team have had this week is beyond comprehension and not even include the Treasurer in this plan is just as bizarre. To suggest that the states could collect income tax and possibly raise it at a later date is beyond bizarre. Turnbull’s proposal is for a significant shake-up of the tax system. The PM is advocating for states and territories to levy their own income tax. Even Tony Abbott realises how bizarre the idea is.

The delusional Prime Minister said: “In future, in the longer term, a state should be free to lower that amount or indeed raise it and then they are accountable to their own voters.”

Bill Shorten stated: ““This government at its heart …. is to increase income taxes on Australians. Now their idea for the Budget is to pass the cost onto household budgets by increasing income tax,”

Bill Shorten said, “Today we saw Mr. Turnbull at his trickiest – this is a plan for higher taxes and harsher cuts.”

The Opposition leader also reminded people that Australians already pay quite a lot of tax and Mr Turnbull’s idea to fix the Budget is to increase the costs on household budgets, “it’s a bad idea” he said

“I’ve got a better idea than Mr Turnbull’s plan to increase income taxes: I’ll make multinationals pay their fair share,”

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