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U.S Capitol Put In Lock Down – Suspect Taken Into Custody

The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown for a short time Monday after gunshots were fired inside the Capitol Visitor Center, where tourists gather to take tours.

Numerous reports say a man brought a gun into the Capitol complex. The reports say that when he went through a metal detector, an alarm went off and he pulled out the gun.

A police officer shot the man, wounding him but not seriously. He was taken to a hospital.

A female civilian also was reported slightly wounded by shrapnel. Despite earlier reports, no police officers were injured.

While the incident was taking place, people inside the Capitol were told to shelter in place. Police also cordoned off access to the complex. The lockdown order was later lifted.

During the incident, the Secret Service closed the entrances to the White House as a precautionary measure, although no incident was reported there.

Congress is in recess for the Easter holiday, but it is a busy week for tourists in Washington. Many of them have come to see the world renowned cherry blossoms that are now in full bloom.

(VOA Report)

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