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Cyprus: Hijacking Of MS181 Not “Terrorism”

An Egyptian Foreign Ministry official​ allegedly said “He’s not a terrorist, he’s an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they aren’t stupid. This guy is.” Egyptian authorities​ are asking that people don’t listen to other reports and only to their reports. The Egyptian authorities​ will not release the identities​ of the nationalities​ of those still held on the plane.

The President Nicos Anastasiades of Cyprus says the hijacking of flight MS181 is “not related to terrorism”. The hijacker has been identified as Ibrahim Samata, an Egyptian national. Mr. Samaha is university professor of veterinary medicine

The hijacker is demanding political asylum and to see his Greek-Cypriot​ ex-wife​. The ex-wife is taking part in the negotiations.

Mr. Samaha originally wanted to go to Istanbul, Turkey but was told be the pilot​ he can’t get there so instead they went to Cyprus. Mr. Samaha’s mental health has also become a topic of discussion​ and what his state of mind is now.

Questions are now being asked about how he got on the plane with a bomb and how he got into the cockpit.

EgyptAir states flight MS181 from Alexandra to Cairo was hijacked and landed in Larnaca, Cyprus. According to EgyptAir, the pilot of the flight was alerted to the threat of a man with an explosive belt on board.

The flight originally​ had 56 passengers. EgyptAir announce​d negotiations resulted in the release of all passengers except crew and four foreigners. Four to five more people were later seen leaving the plane, according to state media.​

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