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The Sinodinos Story Get Murkier Everyday – PM Unwilling To Act: Plibersek

Arthur Sinodinos ©CC BY 3.0 au

Arthur Sinodinos ©CC BY 3.0 au

The Deputy Opposition leader ,Tanya Plibersek, has said the Prime Minister needs to take action over Sinodius, like Abbott did. She said the story around Arthur Sinodinos gets murkier every day.

Ms. Plibersek said the Prime Minister is unwilling to stand down Sinodinos

Deputy Opposition leader - Tanya Plibersek

Deputy Opposition leader – Tanya Plibersek

due to him being the numbers man and needs him to help hold the Abbott forces at bay. Ms. Plibersek said that Turnbull can not afford to let Sinodinos go.

The right wing of the Liberal party and Abbott are out in force highlighting the record of the Abbott Government while trashing the Turnbull administration proves that Turnbull needs Sinodinos and that is why Turnbull will not act to stand him down.

She said there are questions that need to be answered by Sinodinos and the Prime Minister. She highlighted that there are emails that were sent to Sinodinos proving that he knew illegal donations were made by property developers.

Ms. Plibersek mentioned the fact there is more than $4 million at stake is significant “what are the secrets they are trying to protect?”

Published: Mar 26, 2016 09:38 am

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