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Belgium: Nuclear Power Plant Security Guard Killed & ID Card Stolen

Reports are emerging out of Belgium of a Nuclear Power Plant security guard killed; earlier reports say while walking his dog, and it is alleged his ID card was stolen.

The security guard was Didier Prospero. It is alleged he was shot dead at his home in Froidchapelle, and he was found by his children. Mr. Prospero worked for the G4S security company. Mr. Prospero was shot four times. He was the chief security officer at the nuclear plant.

The attack took place two days after the Brussels attack. Authorities are concerned due to fact the pass gives access to secure areas.

Belgian prosecutor’s office says the security access card has not stolen and deny any terrorism links. The case is being handled by criminal investigators while anti-terror specialists are not involved.

The nuclear power plant is located in Charleroi, 50km from Brussels. The Brussels terrorists planned to target Nuclear Power plants in the country but changed their plans after Abdeslam’s arrest.

This comes on top of reports the brothers involved in the suicide attack in Brussels had planted a hidden camera in front of the residence of the director of the Belgian nuclear research program. The footage was discovered during a raid on the apartment of another suspect belonging to the same terror cell as the brothers.

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