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Sinodinos Threatens NSW Electoral Commission With Legal Action Over “Flawed” Report

Sinodinos is threatening legal action against the NSW Electoral Commission over “flawed” report. Senator Sinodinos has stated the ‘flawed’ report has led to him being labeled “corrupt” by the media. He is demanding the NSW Electoral Commission retract all references to him in the report.

The NSW Electoral Commission’s report stated the NSW Liberal Party accepted illegal donations from the Free Enterprise Foundation in 2010/2011. Senator Sinodinos was the Treasurer and Financial Director of the NSW Liberal Party at the time. As a consequence, the Commission is refusing to hand over $4.4 million to the party until they give the details of the donors.

NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird has said the party needs to cop it on the chin because they have done the wrong thing. “ It is unacceptable,” he said.

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