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Sinodinos Needs To Explain Donations To Liberal Party Or Stand Down: Labor

Labor is calling for Senator Sinodinos to stand down over NSW electoral funding scandal. Senator Sinodius was the Finance Director and Treasury of NSW Liberal party while “irregular” donations were made by the “Free Enterprise Foundations”(FEF).

The “Free enterprise Foundations” was set up to accept “illegal” donations from property developers and other individuals who were ineligible to donate. The NSW electoral commission has refused to pay $4.4 million to the Liberal party until they show details over who gave the donations. Labor claims the FEF was a crude attempt to hide the donations.

The NSW electoral commission stated the FEF was used by senior officials of the NSW Liberal Party and an engaged a fundraiser to channel and disguise donations by major political donors some of whom were prohibited donors. Labor has said the FEF was establish as a phony body to money launder donor’s money.

Brendan O’Connor has said that the Liberal Party needs to tell Australians who are donating to them.Mr. O’Connor also stated Turnbull should stand down Sinodinos like Abbott did over the scandal.

Mr. O’Connor also mentioned Senator Sinodions presided over unlawful conduct and illegal behavior which lead to the resignation of senior government members in NSW.

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