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New Zealand Votes To Keep Current Flag Tied To Colonial History

Flag_of_New_Zealand.svgNew Zealanders have voted 56.6% to 43.2% to keep their current flag.
Voters had a choice between the current flag which has the union jack and four red stars and an alternative one with a silver fern on blue and black background with four red stars.

Proponents for the new flag said the current flag was closely tied to New Zealand’s colonial history. Other supporters of changing the flag also pointed out the current flag is to close to Australia’s flag. The similarities have brought much embarrassment to New Zealand athletes at international competitions and

Conservative New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has encouraged citizens to embrace the current flag and to be proud of it.

Even though the alternative flag was rejected some see the 43.2% vote for it shows that with a great design, a new flag would get support.

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