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Chaotic Turnbull Threatens Senate With Double Dissolution

The Prime Minister has threatened the Senate that if they do not pass the anti-union  ABCC bill he will call a double dissolution. In an announcement today, the politically weak  Prime Minister asked the Governor General to recall both Houses.

As part of his plan for a double dissolution he has brought the budget forward by a week, 1 hour after the Treasurer said that the budget date would remain in place. He also highlighted that this shows the chaos at the heart of the Coalition.

Mr Shorten has said: “Today Mr Turnbull has decided to put his own future ahead of Australia’s future”

“Today Australia has seen a Prime Minister in full panic mode”

Mr Shorten also highlighted that the only thing the Prime Minister has delivered is tax breaks for the wealthy.

The Opposition leader said the Labor Party is ready for the election and are listening to the concerns of all Australians.


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