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The Real Issue: The Radicalisation Of Australia By The Far Right

IMG_9802The country of the fair go, she’ll be right – the battlers is under attack. The country built on hard work and standing up for what is right is being destroyed.

The country I am talking about is Australia and it is being attacked and destroyed by radicals- radicals from the right. Australia and its identity needs to be reclaimed.

This country was built by the collective, not the individual, when an individual was involved it was for the betterment of the collective. Not for themselves.

228 years ago there was no choice but to work as a collective and before that the first Australians lived as a collective, it meant life or death for them. If those who were part of the settlement of 1788 acted in an individualistic way Australia would not exist.

Australia hasn’t always been open and welcoming to new immigrants, Australia has had its dark moments in its history- the white Australia policy, the stolen generation and the genocide of our first peoples. All of which are a dark stain on our history but we have become better people when we acknowledge the wrongs, apologise and work together as a collective.

We are better when we work together and embrace each other, no matter the background. The significant events that helped shape the identity of Australia were all brought about by a collective. The Eureka stockade, Gallipoli, the Port Kembla dispute and even the Rum Riot.

It has been by working together, like the Eureka stockade to protect our rights or Gallipoli where we protected each other or the Port Kembla dispute where we protected and assisted those in faraway lands, and it has been working together and looking out for others which have forged the identity of Australia.

These events and feelings lead to the development of a multicultural Australia, a fusion of the best in the world in one place. The multiculturalism of Australia is another expression of the Australian collective.

If it wasn’t for our multiculturalism, many memories of growing up and living in Australia for many people would be extremely different. The local Chinese takeaway, the kebabs after a night out, The espresso coffee on a Saturday morning in a cafe with friends – none of these would exists if it wasn’t for multiculturalism.

We are a better people and a better nation when we welcome those from distant shores. When we are able to embrace different ideas and understandings within our Australian consciousness we become better, and we become stronger.

The right wing ultra conservatives in Australia are seeking to destroy this. They strive to destroy the Australian idea of collectivism; they aim to destroy the Australian idea of multiculturalism – the two ideas that have made us strong.

They are threatened by the two great ideas because their ideas of individualism and exclusion have no place in our culture or identity. It is these people, who need to leave. It is these people who put the stickers on their car “love it or leave it”, they don’t love the collective or multicultural Australia-they are the ones who need to leave.

It is these people who exclude new immigrants from our communities who force them to be internal and to rely on that own cultural groups because they feel unwelcome, too scared to integrate.

The right wing Conservatives are radicalising Australia and are opening the door to radicals from other countries who wish to do harm in Australia. The right wing Conservatives are giving people a reason to hate and hurt us.

It is the right wing Conservative’s and their racist attitudes which are encouraging the likes of the Islamic state to recruit young Australians to their cause and undermine the Australian collective and multiculturalism.

When we have the likes of Andrew Bolt and Miranda Divine spouting hatred and abuse and the destruction of Australia’s collective and multicultural identity in the media, they are fuelling the recruitment campaign of those who wish to do harm.

When you have the likes of Senator Cory Bernardi and George Christensen from northern Queensland spouting hatred and homophobia along with Tony Abbott further pushing an Anglo-Saxon view of the world in Asia, They are further marginalising individuals and collectives in Australia and destroying Australia’s identity.

It is time to reclaim Australia from these matters and to reassert the real Australian identity of collectivism and multiculturalism.

In Australia, it does not matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Hindu. In Australia, it doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, intersex or bisexual.

In Australia, it does not matter if you are male or female, young or old, wealthy or poor – all are welcome!

In Australia it is the collective, in Australia, it is the different ethnic groups working together that make up Australia and its identity.

A real Australian embraces differences, a real Australian helps people seeking asylum, a true Australian is not a homophobe. A genuine Australian joins and works with a collective and embraces multiculturalism and rejects individualism and exclusion.

It is time to reclaim real Australia for real Australians. It is time to reclaim Australia and its collective.

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Journalist and Photographer for RealNewsOne Student of history with a Bachelor of International Studies majoring in ancient history and international relations Twitter: @ajwatson82

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