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Most wanted Paris attacks suspect captured alive in Brussels

Source: Flickr/bebopix Public Domian

Most wanted Paris attacks suspect captured alive in Brussels and five people in total arrested, officials say French President says he will seek extradition “Although this arrest is an important step, it is not the final conclusion,” he said. Mr Hollande also stated, “I have a special thought for the victims of the attacks on November 13 in Paris, because Salah Abdeslam is directly connected to the preparation, organisation and … the perpetration of these attacks”. Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium said: “This evening is a huge success in the battle against terrorism,”.

26-year-old Salah Abdeslam is thought to have provided logistical support for the operation. Belgium issued an international warrant for his arrest in November. He is Paris attacker Brahim Abdeslam’s younger brother and he had served time for armed robbery alongside another attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He hired a car found near the Bataclan concert venue. Neighbours said he was an average young man with no signs of being radicalised. A third brother, Mohamed Abdeslam was arrested but released without charge.

Police investigators understand much of the preparation and development for the November bombing and shooting rampage in Paris was directed in Brussels by young French and Belgian nationals, some of whom fought in Syria for Islamic State. The Paris attacks, which killed 130 people and injured more than 400 others, were the deadliest terrorist violence in Western Europe since 2004.

The police operation came as EU leaders met on the other side of the city to discuss Europe’s migration crisis.

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