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LNPQLD Handing Out Sneaky How To Vote Cards In Brisbane Election – Tennyson Ward

The Queensland LNP are handing out sneaky how to vote cards in council elections in the ward of Tennyson, the Labor party is seeking the Supreme Court to rule the cards illegal.

The “Just Vote 1 Graham Quirk” cards had not been registered with the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Labor’s campaign director, Evan Moorhead has said it is tricky and a breach of the electoral laws. He went on to say “It looks like a how-to-vote card, sounds like a how-to-vote card and, frankly, is a how-to-vote card, despite it not being registered.”

The LNP candidate for the ward of Tennyson resigned from the election after sending a picture of his penis to a former student from the school he used to work in.




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