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Haymarket Clinic Darlinghurst For Homeless & Disadvantaged People Set To Close After Federal Funding Cuts

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC) has reported that a health clinic for the homeless in Sydney is set to close after funding cuts from the federal government. The clinic is slated to close at the end of April when the funding runs out.

The health clinic located in Darlinghurst is set to close after more than 40 years in operation. The clinic known as the Haymarket clinic is staffed by doctors, nurses, psychologist and health workers. The Haymarket clinic is part of the Haymarket foundation. The foundation lost its annual federal funding of $900,000 when cuts were made to it in the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook.

On a daily basis 20 homeless people and disadvantaged people seek medical treatment at the clinic. The clinic provides services such as vaccinations, prescribing antibiotics as well as referrals to drug and alcohol services.

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