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“Dangerous” Tim Wilson Preselected For Safe Liberal Seat Of Goldstein

Outgoing human rights commissioner Tim Wilson and former member of the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) has been preselected for the safe little seat of Goldstein.

Mr Wilson isn’t openly gay man who supports gay marriage, Same sex adoption and the safe schools anti-bullying program. He also enjoys the endorsement of both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and deposed former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The preselection battle for the safe Liberal seat took a nasty turn last week when Mr Wilson’s opponents labelled him as a”danger” for families in the area. The pamphlet that was sent to preselectors stated that Mr Wilson is a danger to their families, schools and the local community not because of his sexuality but because of his support for gay rights issues.

The safe liberal seat has been held by the Conservatives since it was established in 1984. It is centred around Melbourne’s well-to-do suburbs of Brighton and Sandringham.

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