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Taxpayers Guide To Liberal Waste Booklet Released By Labor

Labor’s ‘Taxpayer’s guide to Liberal waste’ booklet outlines some of the most egregious examples of waste from the Turnbull government, “a government addicted to waste and spin” as explained Pat Conroy, Chair of the Waste Watch Committee.

The booklet highlights the Turnbull government was happy for the Minister for Foreign Affairs to spend $400,000 on koala and other marsupial related events.

There has also been one-quarter of a billion dollars wasted on advertising. There has been $170 million wasted on unused office space. The Treasurer, when he was the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, spent $330,000 to construct a media room, where he spent $800 on a doorknob.

The Prime Minister spent $700,000 to rebrand the NBN co—that is removing the ‘co’. That is $350,000 for each letter.

– Senator Brandis spent $6,000 on a water taxi in Venice,
– $16,000 on a bookshelf
$1,200 on a slap-up dinner for four in London, including $400 on vintage wines.

The booklet can be found here

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