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Senate Voting Reform Passed – Senator Leyonhjelm Says “It Is A Dirty Deal”

The Senate​ has passed the Senate Voting Reform Bill. the bill passed 36-23. Senator Leyonhjelm says the bill should be called the ” Rhiannon re-election bill” or “get rid of small parties bill.”

25% of Senate voters will now be disenfranchised​ at the next election.

There are no principals the Greens and Xenophon​ will abandon​ to get more seats in the Senate. The Greens, Liberals​ and Xenophon are seeking the destruction of independents​ and minor parties.

The LDP and Family First will be preferencing​ against the Coalition and the Greens, this could lead to Labor gaining some seats. Family First leader said Labor has done its best to ensure the 25% of voters who will now be disenfranchised​ at the next election were protected, even though Labor supports same-sex marriage.

Family First leader said the major parties want 100% of the seats in the senate.

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