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Doubts Cast Over BIS Shrapel Report

Doubts have been cast over BIS Shrapel report  after BIS Shrapel refuse to saywho  commissionedit.  

Bill Shorten has dismissed it and Shadow Treasure Chris Bowen has said it is full errors and should be trusted as much as a Godwin Grech email.

Doubts are being cast over the report after BIS Shrapel refuse to say who commissioned it. BIS Shrapel claim that the modelling was started months ago.

Mr Shorten had called the report a joke and that the report doesn’t model Labor’s policy on negative gearing. He said “it models a set of fantasy assumptions and then draws its own conclusions,”
In a desperate attempt to remain relevant the Treasurer has said it is a credible report.

BIS Shrapel admitted that they weren’t thinking of any particular policy from any party.

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