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MUA & CFMEU Merger A Important Win For The Union Movement

Maritime Union of Australia members vote in favour of proposal to merge with Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union.

the merger of the MUA and CFMEU will create the largest and most powerful union in Australia.

The proposal will now go to the CFMEU national executive who are expected to endorse the merger with the MUA.

The secretary of the MUA Paddy Crumlim has said: “We know we’re entering into a marriage that’s going to transform the ability of us to protect ourselves on the job, and in doing that transform the ability of other workers in that union to be able to protect themselves.”

MUA leadership has declared the merger to be a major win for the union movement while the Coalition are scared with Employment Minister Michaelia Cash saying the merger represents “a major threat to productivity, jobs growth and economic prosperity”.

The MUA has also condemned “the extreme political nature of the industrial offensive against Australian workers from neo-conservative commercial forces and the Abbott [now Turnbull] Government”.

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1 Comment on MUA & CFMEU Merger A Important Win For The Union Movement

  1. This is great news people, with workers rights being threatened like never before, we need to have strong unions. This merger will see to that.

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