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Turnbull & His Government: The Biggest Letdown In Australian Politics, Nothing But Dashed Hopes & Chaos

When it comes to convictions, Malcolm Turnbull is, has been described as agile, fluid and nimble. Turnbull sold himself as a man of conviction a man who is progressive and ready for social reform. He claimed he supported a Republic, marriage equality and that climate change is real.

What has Australia seen since he has become Prime Minister? His convictions are agile fluid and nimble. Marriage equality has been reduced to a plebiscite after the next federal election. The reality of this move is to make it an expensive poll. Numerous polls have already been conducted which shows that well over a majority of Australians support it which means there is nothing stopping the Prime Minister allowing a vote in parliament to legalise it.

The Republic, 17 Years ago Turnbull led the charge on having a republic. The reality a majority of Australians supported it but due to the tricky Prime Minister John Howard, it was defeated.

Until recently the conversation simmered below the surface until just a few weeks ago when the new Australian of the year brought It back to everyone’s attention. The response from the” die hard” Republican ‘we should wait until the Queen is gone”. How fluid are one’s convictions?

As fluid as a river that changes course A few years back, Turnbull penned a persuasive article on the realities of climate change and how it should be dealt with – since then. Forgotten and discarded.

Turnbull promised to be the man who would change the coalition. It appears that the coalition has changed the man, but that wasn’t going to be hard when you a man of fluid, nimble convictions.

Turnbull promised that there would be economic leadership. That the economy was heading in the wrong direction but Instead of economic leadership, wage growth is falling, capital expenditure tanking, the share market down, living standards down and confidence down. At the same time, debt is up, deficits are up, and unemployment is up as well.

Tanya Plibersek summoned it up quite well last week in Parliament when she said: “Every time there has been a requirement for leadership, the new Prime Minister has gone limp, and his government has gone limp.”

“We have got hopes dashed, reputations destroyed and the new leadership that was promised missing in action.”

“What we have seen is a government in chaos, lacking leadership and failing the test of leadership at every stage.”

“All of those people were sitting in middle Australia thinking, ‘Thank God Tony Abbott is gone.’ What have they been left with? They have been left with Tony Abbott in a different suit—same tie; that is the only difference.”

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