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Turnbull: Abbott 2.0 With No Agenda For A Better Australia

People have started to notice Malcolm Turnbull has turned into a polished version of Tony Abbott with no agenda for a better Australia.

This year is an election year and the possibility of a double dissolution is a very real possibility. The problem for the Coalition and the Prime Minister is that they have no policy or agenda.

Australia was promised a no government, a good government when Turnbull become Prime Minister, instead Australia has ended up with Tony Abbott 2.0 aka, Malcolm Turnbull. As the days go by it is becoming clear that Turnbull has no agenda for a better Australia.

The agenda that he does have is to destroy Medicare; he wants Medicare to be available to those who have a large wallet. He has an agenda to destroy Unions so that those who need protection in the workplace are easy prey to his friends in big business so as to strip of their rights and protections.

Turnbull and his government have done nothing but endorse the Abbott government. Even Tony Abbott has acknowledged this when he said on the 27th of February “ One of the strongest endorsements of the Abbott Governments’s economic policy has been Malcolm Turnbull’s pledge to maintain it”.

Turnbull’s government and the Abbott government has increased the pension age to 70, cut the pension to 330,000 pensioners by changing the asset test, restricted overseas travel for pensioners and has cut pensions concessions. The LNP and Malcolm Turnbull are trying to cut support to pensioners when 1/3 already live in poverty.

While in government as Prime Minister and as a minister in the previous Abbott Government, Turnbull has introduced a 2nd rate NBN, sold out on climate change, sold out on marriage equality, attacked education and has failed to protect the LGBTI youth community in schools by bending to the will and whim of the far right of his own party.

Turnbull has also bonded the wider LGBTI community when he said their would be a plebiscite on marriage equality and said his $160 million marriage equality plebiscite would be ‘respectful’. Now his backers the Australian Christian Lobby want to suspend hate speech laws so they can be ‘respectful’.

Turnbull and his government has sacked 350 climate scientists and ripped funding out of renewable energy, but then created a taxpayer-funded centre to promote oil, gas, coal and uranium known as National Energy Resources Australia (NERA).

It is evident, Turnbull is nothing but Tony Abbott in the same tie but a better suit. He is Abbott 2.0 but with no agenda for a better Australia.

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