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Abbott Gone Rogue – Turnbull Even More Politically Weak

Bill Shorten has called on the Conservative Prime Minster to control his back bench, in particular, the deposed former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Mr Shorten has also highlighted that the deposed former Prime Minister is acting like a Prime Minister and as the Foreign Minister.

Recently the deposed former Prime Minister has spoken publicly on issues and taken an entirely different view of the government. “When you see the former prime minister taking a very different priority to Mr Turnbull on foreign policy — this is a divided Government, and a divided Government is not good for Australia,”

Speaking in Japan, the deposed former Prime Minister criticised China and said that China doesn’t hold he same values as Australia. “What I don’t understand is why Malcolm Turnbull has got senior members of his own Government out there giving their own speeches on foreign policy.” commented the Opposition Leader.

Mr Shorten also highlighted  that the divided government Australia now has “is not good for Australian jobs, is not good for Australia’s position in the world,”

“Malcolm Turnbull needs to do something about his backbench. I’ve got some respect for the fact that Tony Abbot was prime minister, so he should be given a little bit more rope than some of the more right-wing characters.”

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