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WA Treasurer Caps Public Sector Wage Increase At 1.5% Equalling A Real Wage Cut

The Western Australian Government has capped public sector wages increase at 1.5%. The Western Australian Treasurer has sighted the alleged economic difficulties of the state for the cap.

Toni Walkington of the CPSU/CSA has said that the WA Government is seeking to create an with the public service before negations begin for new collective agreements. The CPSU/CSA has said the treasurer is chest beating.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said: “Services to the people of WA will continue to decline as a result of this pay cap, It comes on top of cuts to funding for our schools, hospitals and other essential services.”

“The Government’s own recent forecast for inflation in 2016-17 is a rise of 2.0%, so a pay cap of 1.5% represents a real cut.

The announcement of the cap of 1.5% comes days after the ABS released data showing that wage growth is at it lowest ever recorded. Under the Barnett Government, more than 10,000 jobs have been axed from the public sector in addition to the Wages Policy, the hiring freeze and agency expenditure reviews.

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