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Turnbull Abandons LGBTI Students And Caves Into The Far-Right

The politically weak Prime Minister has buckled under pressure from the far-right of his party and has ordered a review of the Safe School LGBTI program.
The aim of the program is to promote the acceptance of LGBTI students. The opposition leader has said the Prime Minister has given in to Cory Bernardi and It is disgraceful that an Australian child may fall victim to Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to stand up to the right wing of the Liberial party

The opposition leader highlighted that every child has the right to go to school in a safe environment. Life is already difficult enough for young people, “they shouldn’t have to put up with the added stress of bullying and intimidation in the schoolyard.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said “I don’t think these extreme Liberals are actually offended by the structure of the program, or the teachers who lead it. I just think they’re offended by the kids who need it, They don’t like the fact that some young people might be different.”
Victorian Equality Minister Martin Foley commented “It looks like the Prime Minister has given in to the extreme elements of his own

The far-right wing conservative senator Cory Bernardi said the safe school program was “indoctrinating” children into a Marxist agenda and it was sexualising children. 

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