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AMA President Brian Owler Supports Staff At Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

IMG_9801The President of the AMA Brian Owler has thrown his support behind the staff and the #LetThemStay campaign at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and their refusal to release baby Asha.

The AMA has consistently called for the immediate removal of infants and children from immigration detention centres, and for all asylum seekers to have access to quality health care.

The AMA has also advocated for an independent panel of medical experts to oversee and report on the health of asylum seekers in onshore and offshore detention.

The President of the AMA took to Twitter to say that any attempt to forcibly remove baby Asha from the LadyCilento is a dangerous act from which there is no return for the Prime Minister. The President also said on Twitter that his support has been made very clear and the AMA Forum will support their colleagues in Brisbane at the Lady Cilento.


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