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Qld: Palaszczuk Government introduces new educational program to tackle Family and domestic violence in schools

Queensland introduces new education program to tackle domestic violence. The Education Minister has encouraged all schools in Queensland to adopt the new”Respectful relationships education program”

The new educational program has been developed in response to recommendations from the domestic and family violence tasks force’s “not now, not ever report”.

The aim of the program is to convey the message to Queenslanders from a young age that domestic and family violence is never acceptable and that everyone has a responsibility to act. Students will have the opportunity to improve their self-awareness, self-management​ relationships, ethics, values, knowledge of social norms, stereotypes, human rights, and risk, as well as responsible decision-making.

The program is a key part of the government’s campaign for an attitude to change on domestic and family violence.

The education Minister Kate Jones has said: “we are committed to increasing awareness and reinforcing intolerance of domestic and family violence through education and community engagement.”

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