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ACTU: Government does not have the stomach to go after wasteful tax breaks for the super wealthy

The ACTU has said Treasurer Scott Morrison’s first National Press Club address exposed the Government’s blind spot on genuine tax reform and reinforced the impression the Government does not have the stomach to go after wasteful tax breaks and exemptions for the super wealthy.

“We have no hope for meaningful tax reform if the Government continues to turn a blind eye to the most obvious opportunities available,” said Ged Kearney, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Ms Kearney stated that if the Government is to fund the services Australians need, then corporate tax minimisation must be tackled head-on. “We know 38 percent of the 1539 largest public and foreign companies operating in Australia paid zero tax.” commented the President.

“But it is clear the Government is hamstrung by politics and listening to vested interests in the corporate Australia – especially the property sector, rather than the facts that are on the table.”

Ms Kearney said Australians pay taxes so we can have good health and education systems, good infrastructure and good opportunities.

Ms Kearney said Australia’s revenue problem, is that Australia’s tax base relies too heavily on low and middle-income earners.

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