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Physical assault falls to seven year low to 2.1%

The ABS’ Crime Victimisation Survey for 2014-15 found that the rate of physical assault for persons aged 15 years and over is the lowest in seven years sitting at 2.1%.

The Survey also found that national rates have been trending downward for face-to-face threatened assault at 2.6%, malicious property damage at 5.7% and theft from a motor vehicle 2.9 %.

The survey also highlighted that 5.6% of victims reported physical assault to the police while 7.1% said they didn’t with 49.4% not reporting because they thought the police would be unwilling to do anything. 10.8% of victims lived with the offender of the assault

William Milne of the ABS’ National Centre for Crime and Justice Statistics said the number of people who experienced physical assault and face-to-face threatened assault has declined over time. The level of alcohol and/or drug involvement in these offences has declined at a similar rate.

“The proportion of people who indicated that they believed alcohol and/or drugs contributed to their most recent incident has remained fairly steady. In 2014-15, three in five of those experiencing physical assault and half of those experiencing face-to-face threatened assault believed alcohol and/or drugs contributed,” Mr Milne said.

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