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Hundreds Of Queensland Union Members Show Strong Support For #LetThemStay Campaign & Baby Asha



Bob Carnegie of the MUA

Over 300 unionists gathered out the front of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in support of the workers who are fighting to protect baby Asha from being deported.

Messages of support were delivered to the workers at the hospital reminding them they are doing the right thing. The unions and their members expressed their outrage over the government’s stance on people seeking asylum.

“We have to stand up and do something ethical because the government certainly won’t do it.”

The Maritime Union of Australia delivered a strong message to Prime Minister TurnbullIMG_9562 saying “if you move on baby Asha, you move on 15,000 Maritime Union members.” Bob Carnegie of the MUA said, “moral imperatives trump bullshit laws every day of the week.”

The Queensland Council of Unions stated that it is important that the doctors, nurses and health care IMG_9556professionals at Lady Cilento know that fellow union members throughout Queensland back them and their principled stand on baby Asha.
There has been a consistent union presence at the #LetThemStay vigil since it began on Friday evening. The QCU also stated it is crucial that union members show the federal government that members want fairness and a decent future for people seeking asylum.




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