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We Need To Treat People Seeking Asylum With Compassion #LetThemStay

Peoples and families seeking asylum in Australia have left their homes not by choice but are seeking safety to rebuild their lives. It is legal to seek asylum and it is a foundation of human dignity. We simply can not allow these people to be turned back to harm and deny them their basic human rights.

People seeking asylum should be treated they way we expect to be treated, it is the right thing to do. Prime Minister Turnbull and the Immigration minister are choosing to detain people who are seeking safety and who are trying to rebuild their lives. Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton are choosing to send babies and their families back to harm. No matter what differences we may have, one thing we can all agree on is, to return people or to send people into harms way is the wrong thing to do. The right thing to do is to uphold and defend every person’s basic right to safety, including the rights of people seeking asylum.


Integration into our communities is the best option for people seeking asylum. When people seeking asylum are integrated in our community they are able to flourish, prosper and thrive. They add to the Australian economy, they open businesses and work for Australian businesses. Mr Turnbull and the former deposed Prime Minster, Tony Abbott, have made peoples and families seeking asylum into a political issue to win votes by promoting fear about a very disadvantaged and defenceless group of people who are seeking to rebuild their lives. It is not a political issue, it is an issue of what is right and wrong. We need to treat peoples and families seeking asylum with compassion and dignity, not as criminals like Mr Turnbull, Mr Abbott and Mr Dutton have chosen to do so. Treating them with compassion is the right thing to do, locking them up is the wrong thing to do.

Labelling people who are seeking asylum as illegal immigrants is morally bankrupt. They are not illegal, they are disadvantaged humans trying to rebuild their lives in peace and security. There is nothing illegal in trying to secure freedom and seeking asylum to rebuild a life in security.


A negative decision and choice by the Prime Minister and the Immigration can literally be a life and death matter for a person seeking asylum.An example is, on 25 October 2011, Shooty Vikadan committed suicide after learning that his request to be placed on day release to celebrate a Hindu festival had been rejected by Immigration. He had already been found to be a refugee but was still awaiting ASIO clearance. He had been detained for two years.

Another point to remember is, no terrorist has ever gained entry into Australia by boat. Boat arrivals are subject to the most scrutinised security checks of all arrivals. Peoples and families seeking asylum are leaving their homes because of terrorists, people seeking asylum have no choice but to leave. Also, People seeking asylum onshore in Australia are not coming via the ‘back door’ or queue jumping. There is no queue and a refugee cannot be a refugee unless they are outside of your home country. That means all peoples and families seeking asylum must cross an international border to seek asylum.

We, Australia, need to do the right thing and create a fair and efficient process that fairly examines each person’s and families case so that they can be integrated into our communities so they can rebuild their lives in peace and flourish. It is the right thing to do.

Vessel from the 2010 Christmas Island tragedy founders on rocks

Source: The 2010 Christmas Island Tragedy. Source: The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service Image Library

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