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QLD LNP Leader Springborg: Discharge Baby Asha

The leader of the right-wing Liberal-National party in Queensland, Lawrence Springborg, has stated he wants to see baby Asha discharged from Lady Cilento children’s Hospital. He said that there is no argument that the advice of clinicians should be followed but once a person is well enough they should be discharged in accordance with Australian and international law.

He said that if the baby is well enough the doctors in the hospital should follow the law of the land and release the 12-month-old baby. The Queensland Premier Ms Palaszczuk has said that she supports the decision of the doctors at the hospital and does not believe that their acts are politically motivated.


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She said that she believes the doctors are acting in the best interests of the young baby. The premier also said the Queensland government stands absolutely ready to look after the people seeking asylum who are due to be sent back to Nauru. The Premier has also called on the Prime Minister to show humanity in relation to the treatment of the families seeking asylum.


The 12-month-old baby was born in Darwin to Nepalese people seeking asylum. Her family were deported to the detention centre on Nauru. While in the centre she was severely burned by the boiling water in the tent her family were living in while learning to walk. The doctors at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital have said that they will not discharged the baby citing concerns for her welfare in detention.

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