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Turnbull Looking Increasingly Politically Weak After Losing 5 Ministers Since December

IMG_9466Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is looking increasingly politically weak as the months pass by leading up to the next federal election. Since becoming prime minister in September last year, Turnbull has lost five ministers from his cabinet either by sacking them or their own resignations.

The trouble for the Turnbull ministry started when Jamie Briggs resigned from his portfolio following a complaint regarding a late-night incident with a civil servant while on the same day Mal Brough stood aside from his ministry pending the Australian Federal police investigations.

The Prime Minister also had to sack Stuart Robert from the ministry after a scandal over a trip to China. It is also alleged that the former Minister for Human services had acted inconsistently with the statement of ministerial standards.

To add to these three ministers and their questionable conduct Andrew Robb and Warren Truss have announced that they will be retiring from politics bringing the total up to 5 ministers that Turnbull has lost since December 2015.

The opposition leader Bill Shorten has described the government “as melting away”. Speaking earlier this week, Mr Shorten said, “Malcolm Turnbull should be focused on Australian jobs, but he is completely paralysed by ministers who are only worried about their own.”

Mathias Corman the Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate and Minister for Finance once tweeted in 2013:


Losing one Cabinet Minister is a misfortune losing two is carelessness, however, losing five means the government is melting away

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