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Shorten : Education Is The Key For Australia’s Prosperity

Bill Shorten speaking in Brisbane this morning highlighted Labor’s positive plan for Australia by emphasizing a focus on education. Mr Shorten stated education is essential for Australia Education is the heart of Labor’s positive plan. The Opposition Leader said Australia needs better resourced and well-trained teachers. He also commented that the Liberals see spending money on education as a cost to them but for Labor Education is an investment. All students, state or Independent, deserve quality funded education.
“Innovation is delivered by education” claimed the opposition leader. “Labor will work hard to provide quality education.” He also stated Improving education is the key to tackling inequality and providing prosperity. “Your Children are our future” declared the opposition leader.

When speaking about the Prime Minister, Mr Shorten said Mr Turnbull had agile, fluid and nimble convictions. Mr Shorten also asked “why  should Australia wait because Turnbull has given up on his conviction on climate change and marriage equality?”.

“What counts is the people,” Mr Shorten said. “the people are at the centre for Labor” and “Australia is at its best when the middle and working class are out the centre working together”. The middle and working class of Australia need to be put first in Australian politics stated Mr Shorten. “Australia is too important to leave to the Liberals.” He also promised Labor will protect penalty rates and never introduce a 15% GST

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