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Victoria: $50 million funding package to strengthen and support TAFE training to continue

Victoria’s Labor government has announced they will continue to support TAFE in Victoria with a $50 million package to strengthen and support TAFE training. The government has stated the financial backing is in response to falling training levels.

Today saw the announcement of $8.4 million from the $50 million package will go to GOTAFE to help deliver relevant training and to drive growth in apprenticeships and traineeships. 

$1.2 billion has been earmarked for investment into Victorian TAFE and Training. The Victorian Minister for Training and Skills, Steve Herbert, commented “we’re doing everything possible to make sure Victorians can get off the treadmill of unemployment and onto the footpath of success.”

The Minister also stated that the government is pushing ahead with support for skills and training to help grow the state’s economy.

The TAFE and training sector in Victoria had suffered from funding cuts under the previous state Coalition government which saw seven sites close.

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