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USA: Restaurant Fires Customer Who Abused Autistic Delivery Driver

An eatery in Anchorage, Alaska, has “Fired” a customer who abused an autistic delivery driver who also has a speech impediment. The customer shouted at the driver saying he was an idiot [who was] strung out on drugs. The customer then called the store and said he was FURIOUS!

In a post on Facebook the management of the eatery said “You would think, in the year 2015 the majority of the population would have learned or at least heard about autism,” the post reads. “Therefore, we have fired this customer. That address, that name and phone number will be tagged with a DO NOT DELIVER DO NOT ACCEPT ORDER message.”

The post also highlights that the driver has worked for the eatery for two years and he is a seriously accomplished University student, has an amazingly inquisitive personality, a wicked sense of humor and one helluva[sic] work ethic.

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