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Paris: 127 People Murdered In Multiple Attacks In Paris – France Says This Is War

French media reports At least 18 people have been murdered in multiple attacks in Paris,

A gunman has opened fire in a Paris bar, shooting at least two people and wounding seven.

Authorities say the gunman used a semi-automatic weapon in the attack, nearby the Goncort metro station.

François Hollande, the French president and the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve were speeding to the interior ministry to keep track of developments, Mr Hollande’s office stated.

Police are reported to be hurrying to the scene near the Place de la Republique in the 11th Arrondissement.

There are also reports that two explosions were close to Stade de France Stadium where France and Germany were playing a football competition.

Qatar’s foreign minister said in a statement the attacks in Paris dishonor all human and moral values.  “The state of Qatar, through its foreign minister, strongly condemns these heinous attacks that have struck the French capital causing so many victims,” Khaled Al-Attiyah announced in a statement communicated to Reuters by the embassy in Paris.
“These acts, which target stability and security in France are against all human and moral values.”



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