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Nigeria: 18 people murdered, 40 injured in two suicide bombing attacks

Nigerian police and bystanders have connected two explosions late Friday outside the capital, Abuja, to a male and a female suicide bomber. The explosions in the townships of Nyanya and Kuje murdered at least 18 people and injured approximately 40 others.

Nigeria’s Vanguard newspaper, citing bystanders, stated the violence started when a teenage female approached a police station in Kuje after arriving on a motorcycle taxi. That bomber was killed when her bombs exploded prematurely.

The report said a second terrorist, a male, appeared a short while later at the nearby Zamfara Market, carrying a bag that exploded after he placed it near a merchant. A bystander was quoted as saying a pregnant woman and a child were among the casualties.

No group has claimed responsibility, but authorities promptly associated the attacks to the homegrown radical group Boko Haram.

The latest attacks came a day after four suicide bombers blew themselves up in the city of Maiduguri, murdering at least 14 people and injuring about 40 others.

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