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Editorial-Newman go call a wambulance, Queensland doesn’t care anymore !

IMG_0752The Former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman needs to call the wambulance. With the lead up to the release of his biography written by Gavin King, it is a timely reminder of why the people of Queensland booted him out of office. Ad nausea the people of Queensland have been hearing about this forthcoming book and how it will reveal what he’s thinking and what went on behind the scene. Mind you it is quite interesting that the former premier couldn’t write his own book however had to get somebody else to do it for him.

From all the extracts from the book that have been released to the mainstream media it is becoming clear-cut , Gavin king and Campbell Newman and trying to rewrite Queensland history.

During a childish and petulant rant the former Premier said “people now just accept that they chuck out the bad guys on a whim because of … what is it on the TV news, … You tell the people something often enough and they believe it.”

How interesting to note, this is the same tactic that he used to get the Labor government out in 2012, ” They are the bad guys. Kick them out”.  At this point it is clear the former Premier does not quite understand how democracy works, or politics for that matter.

So Mr Newman this is a quick lesson on democracy. Let’s pretend you are premier (this would not be difficult for you because you are a former Premier), now let’s say you enact a few policies that get people offside and are bad for the economy (such as sucking tens of thousands of government workers and stripping them of the workplace rights and conditions). You then follow this up with ridiculous claims, (trade unions have links to criminal gangs) and then when asked for proof you tell people to “google it”. People remember these things and realise that what you have done and said is incompetent!

They then wait until the next election, going to the booth and cast a vote and kick you out. Because the people did not agree with what your policies or actions , this is how democracy works. Now we understand that this may be very difficult for you to get your head around. Because being from the Liberal National party,  the born to rule mentality is party of your DNA.

For the former Premier to complain about the media and the media’s treatment of him is absolutely galling. The former Premier and his government got a free run, a dream run, from the leading paper “The Courier Mail and online news by means of (All part of the Murdoch media empire).Every day there was a positive article about him from either the political editor or some other commentator. Newman could do no wrong as far as they were concerned. They peddled his rants and embellished his achievements.

It’s becoming quite clear that Campbell Newman needs to take a seat in the naughty Corner and rethink what he has done and why he’s not there in the position as premier. This also seems to be a trait of other Liberal leaders who claim that they did the right thing and I don’t understand why they’re not the leader anymore (i.e. Tony Abbott).

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