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NSW: Police A long Way From Establishing Full Picture Of Teenage Gunman

Speaking to the media about the shooting outside the Police station in Parramatta this morning NSW Police Commission Andrew Scipione said authorities were a long way from establishing the full picture of the gunman.

Commissioner Scipione said police believe that the young boy’s actions were politically motivated and therefore connected to terrorism. He also said the police did not know of the gunman and he wasn’t on their radar.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said the act was a chilling crime and Prime Minister Turnbull called it cold blooded murder. Opposition leader Bill Shorten has called it a shocking incident and has recommitted Labor to a bipartisan approach to national security.

Pat Gooley of the NSW Police Association has said “Police have been targets for a long time in their policing duties….” he also said police are used to being under threat but what’s really concerning to police is there’s no rhyme or reason for this attack.

The gunman Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad involved in the shooting yesterday was a 15 year old, born in Iran and has Iraqi-Kurdish ethnicity. He resided in North Parramatta. It is believed the teenager was acting alone. The ABC reports they have been told by Police Farad Jabar Khalil Mohammad had visited a mosque before the shooting.

Police have searched the teenager’s North Parramatta home and confiscated computer equipment.

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