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Executive Director of Human Rights Watch: Australia Is Disingenuous Regarding Refugees & Doing Half Of What The EU Is Doing

The executive director of Human Rights Watch,Ken Roth, said on Lateline last night that It’s disingenuous of Australia to say asylum seekers are involved in people smuggling. He said they are refugees, asylum seekers “who pay to get help to leave their areas of persecution”.

Mr Roth also highlighted that there can be a more humane approach to dealing with asylum seekers seeking to reach Australia and who have the potential of drawing at sea. He also said that Australia shouldn’t pretend that they way Australia is treating Asylum Seekers as humane.

He said the message Australia is sending to the world is we are not going to having anything to do with asylum seekers. He also mentioned that Australia is doing half of what the European Union is doing to help asylum seekers.

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