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New Employment Minister, Senator Cash, Continues Former Prime Minister Abbott’s Attack On Penalty Rates

Senator CashSenator Michaelia Cash, the New Employment Minister, has continued the Abbott government’s attack on penalty rates by describing weekend penalty rates as outdated and something that’s seem to deter weekend work.

Speaking to ABC radio she said she welcomed debate in relation to penalty rates in particular the fact that there’s an argument that that penalty rates deter work on the weekend.

Business and industry groups are arguing for penalty rates on the weekend to be cut completely. Australian Council of Trade Unions has opposed the cutting of penalty rates on the weekend because it would affect some of the lowest income earners in the country.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ros McLennan said that the resumption of attacks on penalty rates indicates the Turnbull government intends to go even further than Tony Abbott.

“It’s taken less than a month and already the new temple government has launched a full scale attack on our lowest paid workers,” said Ms McLennan.

“Turnbull is fast revealing that he’s just a new paint job on the coalition’s old wrecking policies.”

Any attack on penalty rates by the Turnbull government will kill any popular support the government has at the moment.

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