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62 Million Girls Around The World Are Denied An Education, Because They Are Girls

62millions62 million girls around the world – half of whom
are adolescent – are denied the right to an education because they are girls.

These 62 million girls have diminished opportunities when it comes to employment and health.

When One of these 62 million young girls is denied the opportunity of an education she is more vulnerable HIV and in some cultures more vulnerable to be in forced marriages.

In some countries fewer than 10% of girls reach secondary school.

However, when a young girl receives a quality education she is able to contribute to the community and help raise a healthy and educated family. educating girls is vital for a strong, healthy and vibrant community.

UNICEF has said while gender parity has improved, barriers and bottlenecks around gender disparities and discrimination remain in place, especially at the secondary school level and among the most marginalized children.

The are various barriers to girls’ education throughout the world include

  1. school fees
  2. strong cultural norms favouring boys’ education when a family has limited resources
  3. inadequate sanitation facilities in schools such as lack of private and separate latrines
  4. negative classroom environments, where girls may face violence, exploitation or corporal punishment
  5. the lack sufficient numbers of female teachers

UNICEF also highlights adolescent girls also face economic and social demands that further disrupt their education, spanning from household obligations and child labour to child marriage, gender-based violence and in some parts of the world female genital cutting/mutilation.

The U.S. government has started an initiative launched by the President and First Lady that seeks to help the more than 62 million girls around the world who are not in school. The initiative is called Let Girls Learn A key part of Let Girls Learn is to encourage and support community-led solutions to reduce barriers that prevent adolescent girls from completing their education.

People are also encouraged to take part in the campaign by uploading a photo of themselves on Twitter and to say what they learnt at school followed with the hashtag #62milliongirls




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