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Turnbull’s 21st Century Government Continues Abbott’s Attack On Families Over PPL

In another sign that there has been no change with the Federal government even though there has been a change of Prime Minister. Malcolm Turnbull’s Treasurer Scott Morrison, has declared that the new look “21st-century government” will continue with the backward -out of touch out to lunch Coalition- attack on families over paid parental leave that former prime minister Tony Abbott and his Treasurer Joe Hockey started.

The Turnbull Government is continuing to seek to strip the ability of parents to claim the 18 week government funded parental leave along with their employer paid benefits. The new Treasurer has even continued with the same language as the former Prime Minister Abbott and former Treasurer Joe Hockey,using the phrase “double dippers” to describe those who claim the 18 week parental paid leave offered by the government and who use their workplace entitlements offered by their employer through various collective agreements.

Speaking on radio this morning the new treasurer said that the measure is very much still the table.

This is another sign that the Turnbull government really is a carbon copy of the Abbott government.

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